Gods of Madness

Rescue from Toy Island

Alternatively, no one wants to be an ass

Once exiting the cave, the party was reunited with Estalon and Bruna, who had left the hut but were unable to find the others as they had found it empty. The reunion was cut short due to the children all turning into donkeys, and painfully so. Estalon began to calm those who had reverted to animals, while Vlatko worked with Bruna to convince those able to listen onto the boats. The party decided to leave with as many children as possible and return with Bruna as a guide to rescue those who had run into the forest.

Upon Tancred’s suggestion, Estalon, Vlatko, and Pasha all wrote letters for Vela to deliver to ensure that the children will be safe as the party leaves to go find the rest. This did not go as planned as instead the team was questioned by the Captain of the guards. After some argument the group (grudgingly) decided to cooperate at the recommendation of Tancred and Vlatko.

They were forced to wait several hours, with Jargmir not being the slight bit happy about their predicament and Estalon anxious to learn more of the Ringleader and to mount a full investigation. They were constantly asked what they were hiding, but Vlatko said that he had hired the party as his protection as he investigated a matter that the guardsmen had previously refused to look into. It did not appear to be working, however.

The letter Pasha wrote fared no better, and was intercepted by a mysterious nobleman. who effortlessly freed them, much to the Guard Captain’s dismay. Estalon, with his experience with undead, realized that the mysterious nobleman was actually a vampire! Regardless, he politely requested the groups aid with a quest. He also made it quite clear that he knew quite a lot about the Enders themselves.

Jargmir and Vela both recognized him and vehemently refused to help him to the point that Jargmir was furiously yelling about an undead freak. Tancred and Pasha both agreed with Jargmir and Vela and decided to run away from the Vampire as he escorted the group outside against Vlatko’s wishes as he thought it best to parlay rather then run away.

Jargmir insisted on leaving for the island to recover the rest of his cell, and could not be swayed otherwise. Vela on the other hand, insisted on learning more and contacting the mysterious Benefactor. The group decided to meet at Astranov’s office in nine hours as they prepared, through Tancred spent the time looking for Bruna who had been released from the Watch’s custody. Bruna, however, was being taken care of by Vlatko and the child seemed thankful.

When the group rejoined, Vela showed them a strange magic circle, which she apparently used to teleport the group to the moon. Tancred was mystified as his people do not have stories of Niglobart, through the rest seemed to know who their mysterious benefactor was. Vela revealed that she was a Warden of the Enders, and able to communicate with Niglobart.

Communicating with Niglobart is not easy, and questions with complex answers greatly hurt Vela. She also only seems to receive images or simple answers due to the inability to communicate directly. Regardless, she was willing to try to gain information for the party. Thus far, they have learned:
*Bruna has the ability to restore the children turned into Donkies via his faith in Niglobart and Niglolaufen.
*However, Bruna’s father is searching for Bruna and does not have good intentions for the boy.
*Morag, the face encountered in the caverns beneath Toy Island, is a god that was imprisoned. If he ever gains a body, essentially the entire world is a bit screwed.
*The Ringleader, Morag and the brother of the leader of Kingsepp are all somehow shielded from Niglobart.



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