Daechir was born into a medium/large sized elven community, to parents of nobility. Typical training included arcane magic, but Daechir was unable to master anything more than the rudimentary spells. In addition he also showed willingness and even prowess in behavior unbefitting of elven nobility, lying. He was outcast from the village at a young age, but retained some magic abilities.

Daechir left the village with a group of traveling merchants and eventually found himself taking up with a nomadic group of gypsies that made their home on the plains. The apothecary of the troop adopted Daechir as a member of the family and apprentice, recognizing potential in pursuit of the trade due to Daechir’s above average intelligence, and basic understanding of spell components and alchemy.

Upon his mentor’s death, Daechir left the troop to find his own way. He began life anew when he arrived in Kingsepp, where he took a job at the local apothecary’s. The master alchemist at the shop was a trained assassin, and when he became aware of Daechir’s abilities, he taught Daechir the basics of taking a contract for someone’s life.

He was recruited as an Ender due to his skill as an assassin, though he maintains a presence in the town as a mildly successful apothecary. He occasionally takes part in social activities around town: parties, festivals, weddings, religious rituals, etc, but he is known to be selective in whom he calls friend. He has two trusted guard dog’s Nova and Fizz, any frequenter of the apothecary knows that they will be greeted at the door by the two doberman dogs. They have a pleasant, friendly attitude towards people they’ve encountered before, are cautious and a little stand-offish when approaching unknown people, and can be aggressive to hostile or menacing people. They prefer to bark instead of bite, but if cornered, they will attack.

Since becoming an Ender, Daechir makes semi-frequent trips to neighboring villages, towns, and cities under the guise as a traveling apothecary, but most often the real reason for the trip is to carry out a contract for a Warden. He makes trips when there are gaps in the contracts offered, so suspicion isn’t aroused by the townspeople upon Daechir’s arrival. It also helps to fill the pockets with gold, but money is rarely scarce. His motivation to carry out a contract is not for profit, but to uphold balance within the larger community, he eagerly accepted the role of an Ender when their slogan “order and brotherhood at the cost of everything” was revealed to him.

On his prior travels, he notified the town’s sheriff or other law enforcement of his stay in the town for a number of days, makes an appearance at the local marketplace to check for new goods, and sets up a camp on the outskirts of town. He maintains a small number of contacts in each town, some are simple merchants, some are underground members of the assassin’s guild, or other Enders. Daechir is in good or neutral standing with all the towns he visits. He provides many needed alchemical items to townspeople, sells an assortment of fireworks for many of the region’s festivals, and has occasionally helped out a nobleman’s daughter or mistress when they are in a pinch, and has proven to be a discrete and effective ally. He may be viewed with suspicion by some of the high ranking religious figures for practicing alchemy and being an outsider, but along the course of his extended life (due to his elven heritage) he has lent aid to many field medics in time of disaster and has a general respect from the low level priests and clerics. He purchases holy water from them from time to time, and always pays double the price, to bolster their efforts of helping the town. Nova and Fizz always travel with Daechir, and stay at camp when he has business to attend in town, though they typically accompany him on his initial visit to the market, and are personable in the market place.

Common clothing worn:
Noble’s Outfit, Pickpocket’s Outfit, Cold Weather Outfit, Cleric’s Vestments, Reversible Cloak [fine green silk / tattered rags], wide brimmed hat (matches silk cloak)

Other Gear:
Light horse & wagon
2 guard dogs [Nova & Fizz]

Misc Camping equipment: (Large tent, folding table, bear traps (5), hammock, rope, torches, lamps & oil, folding ladder, folding shovel, chalkboard & chalk, chest, bottles, flasks, vials

Specialized Items:
Alchemists lab, Climber’s Kit, Portrait book, Disguise Kit, Cypher books, Cages (2 fine/diminutive sized, 2 tiny sized)


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