Nemesis Astanov

Lawyer Cleric


Longsword (later Masterwork iron/silver with a holy symbol)


Nemesis doesn’t like to reveal much about his past, but he does admit to having experienced first hand what secret corruption of the government can do. He keeps the details of the incident to himself, but he will admit he lost his leg and his family in the end.

He changed jobs and joined the Enders as well. That was three years ago.

Long before even knowing how corrupt the government could get, he was greatly interested in old myths of noble knights and similar heroes for the law and the people. Though never perfect, it was their inspiration to protect others that intrigued him and he always wished to do similar. Joining the Enders has given him a newfound ambition of either reviving knighthood or creating a new, yet similar order.

Coupled with that is his strong beleif in Ivanoff, especially as a protector in the darkness. Intead of fearing the dark, Nemesis has seen the dark as something for the good and lawgful to hid in and an oppurtunity to fight against monsters and cruel people.

Nemesis can be somewhat vicious against murderers, especially those who have killed families, but for the most part is merciful and even enjoys Holidays such as Niglolaufen.

Nemesis Astanov

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