Pasha Ravenash


Pasha Ravenash is the tiefling witch who is part of the Enders. She is reported to have a uncle who is active in the organization currently. Pasha has a very small fruitbat by the name of Magni.


Pasha is a tall woman of 5’7". She has oddly colored skin almost akin to a darkish purple. Her eyes have a reddish glow to it. Her black, dreadlock hair seems to be lively despite it being tamed by a knot. Her hair reaches to her waist. Her hair actively twists and turns. Pasha also seems to have almost dragon-like feet. Her feet seem to give her enough mobility to get out of dodge. Whenever she talks, she has an eerie demonic rumble afterwards. She wears scholar clothes. Her long coat covering her body. She wears her hood up and seems slightly ashamed of herself. Her long, scaley tail seems to twitch according to her mood giving off whenever she is annoyed, sad, or even just scared out of her mind. Pasha has sharp teeth but they have an odd metallic sheen to it.


Pasha’s parents are part of nobility of Kingsepp. Her father and mother were surprised to have a tiefling child in their noble family. They decided to hide their tainted child by having her stay indoors until her uncle, Batur Ravenash , decided to take her into his hands. Her father saw much potential in the tiefling child. He saw that she had untapped power that can be groomed to be part of the Enders. Pasha got her familiar when she was younger.

The bat seems to be her most favored companion. Her uncle still participates in the organization. She formally had services where she would bring curses and insanity on those who wronged for a price. Her odd services caught the attention of the Enders (Even though she already was recommended by her uncle.).

Magni, the Fruitbat

Fruit bat

Pasha Ravenash

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