Dwarf, Inquisitor, LG/NG, Merchant, Deity Sisko, Domain Protection


Tali is a dwarf inquisitor who works as a merchant by day. She became an ender while still new to Kingsepp a couple years ago, when an incident in the streets was observed by other enders. Tali saw an old woman get pickpocketed by a young man. Upon seeing this she followed him, until she was able to get in range to beat him down. She then retrieved the stolen goods and returned them to the woman. The next day, a letter arrived at her door offering for her to join the enders.

Tali grew up in a small town in the mountains. As the eldest of 5 siblings she grew up quickly and learned how to work and hunt to provide for her family at an early age. Tali’s parents are craftsmen, her mother sewing clothing and her father a blacksmith. It is learning these trades from her parents that has led her to be a merchant, selling both leather goods and metal weaponry and hand tools that she makes at her shop in Kingsepp.

Tali is quiet for a dwarf and mostly keeps to herself. Though shes always happy to join friends for a round of ale at the tavern. She is happiest in her shop or hunting in the woods. Shes never without her warhammer and at least a light layer of armor, as she believes a prepared dwarf should be. Whenever leaving the center of town she is often heavily armed. Her skills in magic are limited, but serve their purpose in her stand for good.


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