Gods of Madness

Broken. Entered.
Undead carnage!

The party traveled to Bronstien’s Mansion in another district of Kingsepp to continue the hunt.

A knock on the front door yielded no results, so the party went in through the window, where they were confronted by an undead creature. After killing it the party killed another two groups of undead creatures.

Thats it…

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The Story Begins
Breaking and Entering?

Play began, and the party was contacted by our warden Mira Kalish. She revealed that we were to investigate a string of murders that was happening in the city that were similar to events that occurred 2 years ago, and 23 years ago. So far, no bodies have been recovered, but there are 5 people that have gone missing. In the past those that went missing were latter found having been flayed. In addition to the similarities in the killings there has also been a string of burglaries in Kingsepp where the only things taken are Diamonds and Onyx leaving all other valuables alone. Mira indicated that this points to Necromancy.
Our primary task was to go to Aftport and attempt to locate Krazky and Bronstein, kill them, and destroy any research that they may have been performing.

The party traveled to Aftport and investigated 5 small houses, the 5th belonging to Krazky. His cowardly attitude pointed that he was only a pawn in a larger scheme. The party gained access to the house and cornered him inside. Instead of fighting back, he attempted suicide by cutting his wrists, but we knocked him unconscious, tied him up, and searched the house. We found some scraps of paper with symbols and crude drawings, but no research. After a thorough investigation of the home, we awoke the prisoner, and interrogated him. He gave us little information, but we did manage to get the address of the manse belonging to Bronstein in another district.

Krazky claimed that he was being tortured by “the pain people” and that “they” come to him in his dreams. He was covered in scars and as the night went on, new scars formed where none had been. Shortly before the party left, Krazky was pulled from his hiding place dead, having no means to take his own life, with a symbol that matched one that we had found in the dwelling etched into his forehead.

The party concluded that investigating the manse was probably the best next step, and that’s where the session ended.


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