Ivanov; LN,

Favored weapon; Longsword

Domains; animal, community, law, darkness, nobility,

Subdomains; fur, family, home, loyalty, moon, night

Ivanov was the last werewolf before his ascension to godhood. His children, the Vucari, thrived because of his philosophy of ‘order at the cost of everything’. He is the god of law and order and his followers are the bane to any form of dissension, from the anarchistic madman to the revolutionary hero. It is said that all who die must be judged by Ivanov who decides if they go to The Ring of Fire, the Abyss, Mt Dagra or Underworld

Veles; LE,

Favored weapon; Scythe

Domains; evil, fire, trickery, death, rune,

Subdomains; undead, ash, smoke, language, deception, devil

Veles did not wish godhood upon himself. Centuries ago he tricked an old god into preventing his passage to other planes to avoid the afterlife his evil heart deserved. in punishment he was given an ember of hellfire to burn him despite his inability to die. When the old gods were lost to the world the hellfire ember was left unchecked and left Veles changed. He now rules The Ring of Fire, the borderlands between the material plane and The Abyss.

Sisko; LG,

Favored Weapon; Warhammer

Domains; glory, good, nobility, war, protection,

Subdomains; honor, heroism, archon, martyr, tactics, defense,

Once a human soldier Sisko became a goddess through the machinations of Ivanov who felt that her nobility was needed to combat the disorder inherent in a world of monsters. She is a goddes of fair combat. Her and her followers are relentless in their refusal to submit to the darkness of the land, fighting every day for the innocent still living in Elestra. The dwarves of Elestra embraced the new deity seeking redemption after the defensive genocide of the duergar that once roamed their lands. She rules Mt Dagra, a place where the noble dead live.

Zinitra; CN,

Favored weapon; Scimitar

Domains; artifice, knowledge, magic, rune, scalykind,

Subdomains; toil, memory, thought, arcane, wards, dragon

Zinatra was once an ancient black dragon who hoarded mystical treasure until he stumbled upon the path to ascension. His followers are selfish in all ways but one; they share arcane knowledge to collectively work towards perfection. Often Zinatra is seen as the god of all Wizards inviting them to join him in his godhood through magical advancement. There is confusion about Zinatra’s gender because a dragon egg is often used as his symbol. Some believe Zinatra is male, some female some both.

Seibo; CG,

Favored weapon; Chakram

Domains; charm, liberation, protection, travel, healing,

Subdomains; love, lust, freedom, purity, exploration, restortion,

Seibo is the goddess of love and peace. Often she is seen as too innocent of a deity for such a harsh world but whenever there is a wedding, a birth or any hope for the future she is prayed to. Her followers are far from pacifists but always desire diplomacy before death, believing that all acts of evil are truly cries for freedom and love. Seibo rules The Underworld. within are all the pleasures anyone could desire.

Arman; CE,

Favored weapon; Whip

Domains; chaos, madness, void, water, evil,

Subdomains; entropy, insanity, nightmare, dark tapestry, demon,

Once Arman was an Aboleth. He was stricken insane with his lust to overthrow the old gods for what he felt was his race’s domain. His mad desire led to his ascension but also the destruction of his race. Arman now finds himself an angry god finding jealousy in everything. He appeases himself with the notion that the force of chaos is the true ruler of all.

Leshrey; N,

Favored weapon; Longbow

Domains; plant, sun, weather, knowledge,

Subdomains; decay, growth, day, light, seasons, memory,

Leshrey foresaw the plan to take the gods away from the world and gained followers among the elves. After protecting them from the misery and wars he ascended to godhood by the faith of his followers.


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