Enders are known only in whispers and urban legends.

According to history Enders were ancient soldiers sent to commit violent and heinous acts of ungentlemanly conflict in the old capital Mezula. They did things that would scandalize the old government but was necessary for it’s survival.

According to legend when the god Ivanov is still the true ruler of Kingsepp, being it’s creator. His spirit lingers enforcing the god’s motto “order and brotherhood at the cost of everything”.

In truth many Enders don’t know their real nature. They are recruited by wardens and paid to venture out to complete their mysterious missions. Their standing orders are “Brotherhood and order at all costs” – The wardens must use their resources to strike at criminal the law cannot touch. Often these are the treasonous, cultists, the corrupt, and hidden criminals. Wardens get their targets from a mysterious ‘source’ which said to be an old order following a law above the law of common men. This law is that sins cannot be escaped.

All the PCs have been working together as Enders for at least a year under the warden Mira Kalish. You may choose to have been working longer but Mira is the one who recruited you, most likely because of some deed you’ve done or your occupation.

What is considered ‘the New World’ is the era a thousand years after the Godsfall where the 7 kingdoms, Azagoth, Veredran. Floran, Fioran, Briaran, Mezula and Belune rose from a chaotic continent. All but Belune have allied under common law created by the Elestra Counsel but Enders claim jurisdiction over all seven kingdoms.

In the past you’ve been sent to eliminate evil cults, rising warlords, corrupt politicians, spies, crime lords, pirates and general wizards seeking power to overtake one kingdom or another. The organization does not seem to care about open corruption or treasons but quiet schemes, plots, uprisings and crime. Sometimes the missions it asks of you seem relatively amoral favoring the greater good and order above personal belief and personal needs. None yet have truly tested your convictions however.

The organization rewards you with political favors, treasure, money or charities for a cause you believe in. Their political pawns and spies are unknown to you aside from the Blackbirds.

The Head of the Ender organization is unknown to you. Other Enders are unknown to you. The kingdoms do not know or do not recognize the existence of Enders. At most there are rumors that the deity Ivanov assassinates the unlawful. In Azagoth/Kingsepp where this deity is popular this serves to discourage crime and corruption or make it more creative.

As Enders you are summoned to a manse via a Blackbirds message whenever there is a mission. Mira explains the mission and sends you off. You are never debriefed. Rewards are sent to you. Criminals are seen as non citizens and therefore their rights to property are not observed. Enders are entitled to the property of their targets. Property of targets such as land and buildings often vanish or mysteriously fall under the rights of some citizen of the kingdoms. Dangerous property is often requested to be submitted to your warden lest the Ender becomes a target. These are taken away never to be seen again.

The only other members you know of as part of the Ender organization is Mira Kalish, your warden, Pietro Kass, Mira’s apprentice, and One-eye, a former active Ender who serves as a trainer and master of arms. All these you’ve met at Mira’s manse. Outside of the manse you know Greybeard, who is a former active Ender who works as a libertarian in Kingsepp’s Grand Library. While Blackbirds sell Mira new information Greybeard handles old information, often history almost impossible to know.


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