Vela Kastova


Vela Kastova is the Ender that the party was sent to rescue from Toy Island. She was retrieved unharmed, but was missing her gear. She has since been returned to Kingsepp, and she escorted the party to Niglobart to learn more of the nefarious Ringleader and his cohorts.

She asked to study from Tancred’s spellbook, so presumably she is a wizard of some sort.

Warden of the Enders

Vela has revealed that her and a few others (Mira Kalish, for instance) are all Wardens of Niglobart which allows them to communicate (Albeit in an extremely limited way) with Niglobart himself. To become a Warden requires a pact with a seemingly high cost, however, so the power does not come freely.

Vela Kastova

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