Elestra is a land where the monsters have won.

Centuries ago the old gods were cut off from the material plane. They were replaced with newly ascended deities but the scars of the ancient conflict still mar the land and taint the blood of the people. Races with the blood of monsters live and rule the continent

You are an Ender, an elite enforcer that works within the law outside the law, a silent shadow that maintains the integrity and loyalty of the ruling class. Enders peer and strike at places out of the normal reaches of pathfinders, bannermen and guards destroying the seeds of dissent and corruption before they are sown.

But a dark force lingers in the wake of the newly crowned king threatening to plunge Elestra deeper into darkness. You must seek out and stop this force before it’s corrosive touch unravels the fragile order that holds Elestra together.

‘Gods of Madness’ is sort of a restructured return to a previous campaign setting I ran. The inspiring theme is MGM horror classics. In this world monsters walk side by side with people. While the Human, Dwarven, and Elf races are there for familiarity the rest of the player races are inspired by MGM horror monsters; Vucari are demi-werewolves, Dhampir are of course dracula inspired, Gillmen from the Advanced Race Guide are visually more like The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Listless are descendants of creatures similar to Frankenstein’s Monster.

Although horror is the backbone of the setting the premise is more about politics and espionage. With the game itself being of a serious tone I hope to recruit players serious about the roleplaying aspect. The bar for entry is a character background and a level 5 character sheet. (rules for character creation to be posted here)Sessions are to be held at Eudemonia at a time discussed in the forums. *

Gods of Madness

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